Bloomberg v. Pop Culture: NYC’s Campaign to Boost Girls’ Self Esteem

What do people think about this article? How can we decrease eating disorders and negative body image in the long term?

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There seem to be no limits to Michael Bloomberg’s hopes for the self-improvement of New Yorkers. The mayor has made public health a personal crusade during his tenure as mayor. He’s banned smoking almost everywhere, outlawed giant sugary drinks and launched some controversial public awareness campaigns, like the images of small, sad children touting the “real cost of teen pregnancy” and videos of a man drinking fat out of a soda can that aim to educate New Yorkers about their health choices—and scare them.

Now, in the last few months of his term, his ambition is to make tween girls feel better about themselves in the face of a celebrity-saturated media environment that fuels feelings of inadequacy. “Girls as young as seven were undergoing plastic surgery because they were being bullied about their appearance,” says Samantha Levine, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s deputy press secretary and project director for…

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One thought on “Bloomberg v. Pop Culture: NYC’s Campaign to Boost Girls’ Self Esteem

  1. I feel like it’s less about changing the way people think about themselves with pictures of girls who say “I’m beautiful” and more about changing the way girls talk to each other. It is so common for my friends and I to comment to each other on how fat or ugly we are. Until that changes I don’t think the amount of eating disorders or the low self esteem about body image will change drastically.

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