Taylor Swift – Mean (Music Video)


This song helped me get through a bad experience with bullies in high school and helped me to take on the right attitude towards the experience. While it may not be a good idea to call somebody a liar or pathetic, I like this song overall because Taylor uses bullies to motivate herself to move forward, not to feel bad about her situation. Also, it’s a really catchy song!

(PS her performance of this song at the Grammys is worth watching!)



One thought on “Taylor Swift – Mean (Music Video)

  1. This song helped me a bunch when I was in 8th grade,i was the number 1 bully magnet. But that song helped, a lot! My brother was in still in elementry when he got bullied, and every day after school he would tell me, josh kicked me or pushed me. I would tell him, would you want to here “mean” again? yes,he would answer. All of yall getting picked on should watch mean!

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