In honor of all of the little ones lost today…

The range of emotions that I’ve experienced within the last few hours after hearing of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School have gone from fury to grief to hatred to extreme sadness. As I thought of my own beautiful 6 year old cousin and all of the lives lost of children her same age today, I started crying at the fact that a person in this world is filled with so much hatred that he would want to hurt such innocent people.

As I look through the New York Times and my twitter and facebook, I’m seeing people all around the world filled with anger, resentment, and hatred towards this man who committed such a horrible act.

Let’s not give him that attention anymore. Let us grieve for all of the families that were hurt today and keep them in our hearts, and let us also start creating a world that the kids today were supposed to have grown up in but never got to see. A world in which kindness, compassion, and love take precedence over hatred and revenge.

Let us prove that humanity has more good than evil, and that this man from today will fail in spreading hatred any further. Let’s keep loved ones close, and tell them each and every day how much we love and appreciate them. Let’s go even further than that, and reach out to those we normally wouldn’t, and send them love and kindness too. We need to prove to ourselves that we can change, that those children today didn’t die in a world that would only continue its cycle of violence.

In honor of the kids hurt today and of all the kids to come, let’s prove that the bad guys won’t win.



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