Weekly Challenge: Become A Media Critic

Last week’s challenge – finding things you like about yourself and writing them down – was hopefully really helpful to those who participated! I truly believe that the more we focus on surrounding ourselves with positivity, the happier people we become. It’s important to treat ourselves well and to be aware of how our surroundings (including our thoughts) affect us.

To continue along with that theme, I want this week’s challenge to focus on the media. I read an article today (and posted it on facebook and twitter, check it out!) about how interventions like Girls In Real Life don’t affect body image and self-esteem that much because of our constant bombardment of advertisements, tv shows, magazines, etc.

I think we can change that, and that organizations promoting self-esteem can make a big difference. That’s why this week’s challenge will be to start paying attention to subtle messages being sent to us, telling us to be or look a certain way.

Some examples include:


The brand Skinny Cow: By advertising the dessert as something that will make a person skinny, it establishes society’s expectations for the ideal body to be thin, not healthy.


Workout tutorials in magazines: While the article itself might be promoting working out to be healthy, the models always have the exact same body type, again promoting that women need to work out in order to look a certain way.


 Online clothing stores: There isn’t even a model in the clothes, and yet the clothes are still shaped to fit only one body type rather than representing a multitude of body types.

This week, start paying more attention to messages all around us – what are they saying about what we should be, and how are they saying it? Once we start becoming more aware of the media’s ability to manipulate us, suddenly we are in control again of our own thoughts and actions.

Feel free to send/post any images or articles that continue to send the message that women have to look, act, or think a certain way! I’m excited to see what everybody finds!


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