2nd Weekly Challenge: Find the Good in People You Don’t Like

Last week’s challenge was to thank somebody you would normally not say something to, and I hope it went over well for everybody who participated! One person’s experience doing the challenge perfectly summarized the point of it:

“Doing the weekly challenge helped me appreciate everyone around me a lot because it made me re-realize how great my friends are. It was like a little reminder for me because sometimes I think I take my friends for granted. It definitely raised my own self-confidence too, just by telling others how much I appreciate them.”

After learning to appreciate and thank the people in our life we’re truly grateful for, I wanted this week’s challenge to go even further. Today at the middle school session for Girls In Real Life we talked about bullying. While we’ve already talked about bullying once before, we took a different twist on it this time: what do you do if you or one of your friends is the bully? We role-played the different responses a girl could have to her friend bullying someone else, and found that the most effective way to make the person stop was to ask “who cares?” or counter their bullying remark with a compliment about the victim.

But what are we supposed to do about those people we simply cannot get along with, no matter how hard we try? There’s always going to be that one person who can seem annoying for no apparent reason, and resisting the temptation to complain about it or make fun of them can be really difficult.

Which brings me to this week’s weekly challenge: find the good in people you don’t like. For every negative comment that you or one of your friends say, think of something you like in the person as well.

I understand how hard this challenge might be, but I think that once we all start focusing more on the things we like rather than dislike, we’ll be happier and nicer people! Good luck and let me know how the challenge goes!


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