Woman Denied Matchmaking Services Based On Weight (Article/Video)

A woman living in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) was recently denied matchmaking services due to the fact that she is overweight. The leader of the company simply stated that men would not want to date a woman of her size, so it would be a waste of money and time.

Why should being overweight trump all other attributes in a woman? Is it better to be rude and arrogant, as long as that person is thin, rather than smart and kind, but the person is overweight?

Was it really fair for the owner to deny this woman business, do men truly not want to date women who weigh more even if everything else about them is great? What are your thoughts?

I am proud of this woman for speaking out, it was a very brave and inspiring thing for her to do. Her situation is raising a lot of ethical questions when it comes to the business of dating.



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