Who Do You Dress Up For? (Article)

Throughout my life I’ve spent a large amount of time worrying about my appearance.  Multiple people have said to me over the years “you know Caitlin, you’d be so much prettier if only you’d wear some makeup/straighten your hair/put on high heels and a nice shirt”, and I took it all in. I went through a long period of my life where the question I asked myself in the morning wasn’t “What do I want to wear today to make myself feel good?”, it was “what can I wear that will make others the most pleased with me?” As I got older I realized that girls should surround themselves with people who don’t really care whether or not they’re wearing eyeliner or have straight hair, but only care about whether they get to spend time with her.

If a girl’s happiness is only based on others’ opinions of her, she’s never going to be truly happy. Compromising herself for others simply isn’t worth it. She should start doing things that make her happy, and everything else will fall into place.

            Wearing makeup and dressing nice is totally fine, as long as girls are doing it because it makes them  happy, not only because it will make others happy. Nothing makes me feel prettier than wearing a cute summer dress, and wearing makeup is nice because it makes me look older (everybody seriously thinks I’m like 14). But nowadays when someone tells me I should change my hair or put on a pair of skinny jeans, I don’t let it get to me like it used to. I try to do things now that make myself feel pretty, not necessarily the things I think others will see as beautiful.

            And I’ve learned that in the end, it feels so much better that way.


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